Contingency Recruiting Search
Contingency Recruiting is a type of health care recruiting that provides no upfront fees or costs. The employer does not pay for any recruiting costs to our health care recruiters that are assigned to the search unless a candidate is placed. Typically, contingency recruiting fees consists of half of the fee due for health care recruiting services when the candidate signs a contract to work with the employer and then the second half of the fee is due when the candidate starts working.

With the contingency search, you will receive a FREE evaluation regarding your opportunity by a senior health care recruiter. Our health care recruiters will provide assistance throughout the entire candidate search and interview process. The health care recruiter will assist you with the compensation packages, designing the advertising material, bonuses, and even negotiate contracts with the candidates that are interested in your health care employment opportunity. Our health care recruiters will also assist you and the candidate in any required licensing or documentation that is needed. You will not pay us for any health care recruiting fees until a candidate is secured and placed with your organization. Additionally, we offer a GUARANTEE on every candidate placed!

The health care candidate search process is more refined, the placement is faster, and the quality of the candidate is better when you use a health care recruiting company. Our tailored candidate search process enables you to get the best candidates possible. The health care recruiting fees associated with the contingency recruiting are paid when the candidate is located and placed!

Our service options are entirely dependent upon each of our client's requirements and are uniquely tailored to your specific needs. We provide over 30 years of combined health care recruiting experience, both professional and personalized customer service, cost effective solutions, and quality results.

Contact us for a FREE assessment of your opportunity. You are not obligated to use our services after you call for your Free Evaluation!


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