Managed Search
The Managed Search is creates a lot of synergy between your needs and our recruitment capabilities. We have partnered with human resources consulting companies, employment agencies and physician recruitment firms from all over the United States and the International community to bring you the Managed Search Service. The advantages of outsourcing your recruitment efforts by the Managed Search is that you have more resources, a consolidated billing and payment system, competitive price management, searches completed by experienced medical recruiters, and a management tool for all of the interested job seekers.

Key Points:

  • Pay per placement Structure
  • One Contact (not 50), One Contract, One Consolidated Bill
  • This can be easily built into any of our Search Services for Free!

Using the Managed Search Service allows for increased continuity, control, and efficiency. An example of this search would be if you had a search for a candidate and did not want to work with 50 employment agencies. You will then contact us to manage all 50 employment agencies, 100's of job seekers, or the entire recruitment process. The next step is to sign our Managed Search agreement that is tailored to the requirements and functions that you would like us to manage. Our team would then contact members of our Preferred Partner Network which consists of hundreds of top notch executive recruiters, local employment agencies, specialized recruitment firms and locate candidates that match your criteria. The entire team including members of the Preferred Partner Network (employment agencies and specialized recruitment firms) would facilitate everything from pre-screening the job seekers to placement through a single point of contact for you. There are no extra fees and you would only pay us the same amount per candidate in a Contingency Search, you just have the convenience of one contract, one point of contact, and one consolidated billing structure.

The Managed Search fees associated with this search are not any higher than any other standard contingency, retained, or other recruitment search methods. This search allows you to receive both the expertise of our Recruiters in addition to members of our Preferred Partner Network (employment agencies and specialized search firms). The Managed Search provides you a lot more convenience, recruitment resources, and increased efficiency. Outsourcing all or part of the recruitment process allows you to focus on your job at hand with 1 point of contact instead of 50 employment agencies, specialized recruitment search firms and 100's of resumes from unqualified job seekers.

Our service options are entirely dependent upon each of our client's requirements and are uniquely tailored to your specific needs. We will provide over 50 years of combined recruiting experience, both professional and personalized customer service, cost effective solutions, and quality results.

Contact us for a FREE assessment of your opportunity. You are not obligated to use our services after you call for your Free Evaluation!


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