Physician Resources
Choosing a Recruiting Firm
A health care recruiting firm is your ambassador to the health care employment opportunity you are looking for. Finding an opportunity can be confusing and time consuming. A health care recruiting firm can facilitate this process more efficiently. Who should use a recruiting firm, why they should use one, and how Action Medical source can assist you in your search for a health care employment opportunity?
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Salary Information
By selecting a career and inputting a zip code or selecting a metro area you can use Salary Wizard® to get an average range of salaries, bonuses, and benefits for a particular career in just a few simple steps. Health Care professionals are able to compare salaries, bonuses, and benefits by demographic region, giving you the market value of a particular career.
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Physician Links
Our goal is simple, we want to be a complete physician resource for new health care employment opportunities. In order for us to achieve this goal, We have provided some Physician Links for your convenience. These links include medical organizations, American Boards, and State Board of Medical Examiners.
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Job Search Timeline
So you have either graduated, or have decided to look for a new health care employment opportunity. Great, this physician resource will give a health care professional seeking a residency, fellowship or new opportunity a realistic look at how long the typical process of finding an opportunity will take. From finding the opportunity, interviewing, negotiations all the way to getting your license should you move to another state that you are not currently licensed in. Reduce the uncertainty of the job search timeline.
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CV Writing Tips
Regardless if you are a new physician entering the medical field or a seasoned health care professional who simply wants to look at other opportunities, a great CV is crucial to finding the right opportunity. While writing a standard CV is relatively simple, composing a great CV takes a bit more work. Fortunately, we have already done the research for composing a CV that stands out from the crowd and will assist you in finding your next health care employment opportunity. Take a look at our CV Tips!
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Job Interview Tips
If your next step is the interview process, this tool will assist you in deciding what questions should be asked and clarified during the interview process. Don't go to your next interview without first reviewing our job interview tips!
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