Choosing a Health Care Recruiting Firm
Why work with a Health Care Recruiting Firm?
The first question that you should ask is if you really need to work with a Healthcare Recruiting Firm. In most cases, the answer would be yes. There are multiple reasons for working with a firm and here are a few:

bullet Working with a Healthcare Recruiting Firm saves you valuable time. The recruiting industry is similar to the Real Estate industry. You could go buy a house and search for many months or years by yourself, or you can go to an expert in his or her field and have someone guide you through the process.
bullet Our sole focus is to follow the healthcare employment trends and find you a new position that would be suitable for you and your family.
bullet We will inform you of news or information that we have found about other hospitals and practices (hospital closures, mergers, group disintegration, etc.).

How to choose a Health Care Recruiting Firm?
Now here is the tricky part because there are so many companies out there that pretend to be a Healthcare Recruiting Firm. This industry is very unique and there are some companies out there that are corrupt (some companies will promise to find you a new position if you send your information to them and then they will sell your information to other companies for their purposes.). Here is a list of what to do:

bullet The first thing that we can recommend is to listen to what your colleagues have to say about working with successful recruiting companies.
bullet Call the recruiting firm that you wish to work with and ask them about their privacy policy (if they don't have one, then don't work with them).
bullet Ask the company representative if they use your information in any other way than for employment search purposes (many companies will sell your information to other companies that sell products or use your information for other means).
bullet Ask them if they have any experience in the healthcare industry (you would not want to take your BMW to a shade tree mechanic). In other words, you want to work with someone who understands your language and has a better indication of what you are looking for.
bullet Ask the company if they are incorporated or if they are a limited liability company. This insures that they are a legitimate company, in which they are held responsible for their actions, pay taxes, and insures that there is some level of accountability.

Why choose Action Medical Search?
The Action Medical Search meets all of those basic requirements listed above and more. Listed below you will find why we use the phrase "Your one stop resource for your healthcare career.

bullet We utilize your information for the job search process only and provide many levels of security to maintain your confidentiality.
bullet All of our placement consultants have been in the healthcare industry for many years and have a clearer picture about your skills, abilities, and experiences.
bullet Our account executives have a proven track record in their respective industry and know how to network with hospitals or groups to find the right position for you.
bullet We provide an extensive network of associates for you, therefore you will only need to submit your information once and all of our associates will work nonstop for you.
bullet We offer career strategies and tools that will put you ahead of the pack and will assist you in getting that position you want. If our online information is not enough, you can always call us and we will assist you further.
bullet We have relocation tools that add more insight into how far your dollar will go and the housing market for the opportunities you are looking at.
bullet We offer so much more than what is listed here, contact us and you will find out for yourself.


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